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High Voltage AC Servo Drives

High Voltage AC Servo Drives


  • Powering AC servo motors up to 1.5KW
  • Step & direction, CW/CCW, ±10VDC, or RS485 Control types
  • Notch filters for advanced vibration suppression
  • Inertia matching for smooth motion
Leadshine ELP series servo drives are Leadshine's high performance, high voltage brushless AC servo drives. Powering 100 to 2000 W servo motors, these servo drives offer high precision, excellent position following capability to make your motion control systems faster and more precise
Available Series

ELP series AC servo products are Leadshine's high performance AC digital servos which is designed for position/velocity/torque high accurate control. Power range up to 2kW; control types of Step/Direction, Modbus/RS485, EtherCAT.


EL6 Series AC servo products are cost-effective AC digital servo which is designed for position high accurate control, power range up to 1kW, which can provide a perfect solution for different applications, performance with easy configuration process.

Available Products
Model Series
Control Type(s) Input Voltage
Rated Current
Peak Current
Rated Power
ELP-D400ZELPPulse & Direction CW/CCW1 phase 187-240VAC3.510.5400RS232
ELP-RS400ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control1 phase 187-240VAC3.510.5400RS232/RS485
ELP-EC400SELPEtherCAT1 phase 187-240VAC3.510.5400EtherCAT
ELP-D750ZELPPulse & Direction CW/CCW1 phase 187-240VAC5.516.5750RS232
ELP-RS750ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control1 phase 187-240VAC5.516.5750RS232/RS485
ELP-EC750SELPEtherCAT1 phase 187-240VAC5.516.5750EtherCAT
ELP-D1000ZELPPulse & Direction CW/CCW1 phase 187-240VAC7211000RS232
ELP-RS1000ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control1 phase 187-240VAC7211000RS232/RS485
ELP-EC1000SELPEtherCAT1 phase 187-240VAC7211000EtherCAT
ELP-RS1500ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control3 phase 187-240VAC9.528.51500RS232/RS485
ELP-EC1500ZELPEtherCAT3 phase 187-240VAC9.528.51500EtherCAT
ELP-EC2000ZELPEtherCAT3 phase 187-240VAC12362000EtherCAT
ELP-RS2000ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control3 phase 187-240VAC12362000RS232/RS485
EL6-D400ZEL6Pulse+DirectionSingle phase 220VAC313400RS232
EL6-RS400ZEL6Pulse+Direction / ModBus-RTUSingle phase 220VAC313400RS485
EL6-CAN400ZEL6CANopenSingle phase 220VAC313400CANopen
EL6-D750ZEL6Pulse+DirectionSingle phase 220VAC5.218.4750RS232
EL6-RS750ZEL6Pulse+Direction / ModBus-RTUSingle phase 220VAC5.218.4750RS485
EL6-CAN750ZEL6CANopenSingle phase 220VAC5.218.4750CANopen
EL6-D1000ZEL6Pulse+DirectionSingle phase 220VAC726.51000RS232
EL6-RS1000ZEL6Pulse+Direction / ModBus-RTUSingle phase 220VAC726.51000RS485
EL6-CAN1000ZEL6CANopenSingle phase 220VAC726.51000CANopen