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Servo Drives (DC Input)

Servo Drives (DC Input)


  • Advanced control algorithm
  • Step & direction, CW/CCW, Modbus/RS485, CANopen
  • 20-80 VDC voltage input
  • Powering brushless servo motors to 1.5 kW.
  • High precision, smooth & quiet motor movement
  • Cost effective

High performance DC brushless servo drives powering a wide range of servo motors up to 1500 W. These servo drives can operate up to 80VDC input, output up to 90A peak current. Those servo drives offer control type options of step & direction, CW/CCW, Modbus/RS485, and CANopen.

Available Products
Model Series Control Type Input Voltage
Continuous Output Current
Peak Output Current
Max Rated Power
ELD2-RS400ELD2step+direction Modbus/RS48524-701030400RS485
ELD2-RS7020ELD2step+direction analog input modbus/RS48524-702080750RS485
ELD2-RS7030ELD2step+direction analog input modbus/RS48524-7030901200RS485