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Stepper Products

Leadshine offers complete stepper products including stepper drives, multi-axis stepper drives, integrated stepper motors (motor +  drive), and 2 & 3 phase hybrid stepper motors. Our stepper products are well known for high performance, reliable quality, and effective cost saving

(Motor + Drive)
Integrated Stepper Motors

NEMA 17 and 23 stepper motors integrated with high performance digital stepper drives. Holding torque up to 2.0 Nm (43 - 283 oz-in); step & direction control, minimized wiring, anti resonance, low motor heating & noise

Stepper Motors
Stepper MotorsHigh quality Leadshine stepper motors with frame sizes of NEMA 8, 11, 14, 16,17, 23, 24, 34, 42, and 51. Options for mounted brakes, encoders, encoders, etc. High precision, high reliability, low vibration, low heating, low noise
Stepper Drives
Stepper Drives

Wide range of stepper drives with VDC or direct VAC input. Control all 2 or 3 phase hybrid stepper motor of frame size 8/11/14/14/1/17/23/24/24/34/42/51 via step & direction, Canopen, RS485, Position Table, EtherCAT...