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Power Supplies

Leadshine designs and manufactures specially power supplies for stepper and servo systems. They are available in linear, regulated switching, and unregulated switching. Taking 115/220/230 AC input, those power supplies can output 24 - 68 VDC and up to 500W power. With the features of high reliability and low costs, those Leadshine power supplies have been in many OEM applications.

Unregulated Switching Power Supplies

Unregulated switching power supplies specifically designed stepper and servo controls. Ultra compact size, light weight, high reliability. 42, 48, 68 VDC at 90-130 or 180-250 VAC input

Regulated Switching Power Supplies

Specially designed reliable regulated switching power supplies for stepper and servo controls. Available of 24, 36, 48, 60 VDC output up at 85-132 or 187-265 VAC input

Linear Power Supplies

Linear power supplies specifically designed for step and servo controls. Simple design, quick response to current change, high reliability. 36, 48, 68 VDC output at 180-250 VAC input