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Brushed DC Servo Drives

DC Servo Drives


  • Advanced DSP control technology
  • Step & direction, or CW/CCW control
  • 18 to 80 VDC supply range
  • Up to 10 A continuous and 20 A peak current
  • Continuous output power up to 400W
  • Opto-isolated inputs
  • Capable driving servo motors with single-ended or differential signals
  • Tuning software tuning for optimal performance

Leadshine DCS series drives are fully digital brushed servo drives developed with high performance DSP and advanced algorithms for smooth motion control. All inputs of those servo drives are opto-isolated. Taking step and direction control inputs makes Leadshine brushed servo drives easy to implement in many OEM applicaitions.  They can drive 5W to 400W brush DC servo motors at very high precision smoothly and quietly with very low motor heating at very effective costs.

Available Products
Model Series Control Mode Operating Voltage Output Current

Matching Motors

Configuration Feedback
(V) (A)
Torque Velocity Position AC DC Cont Peak Enc. Hall
DCS303DCS---18 - 30315Up to 90WRS232√ (Single-end)-
DCS810SDCS---18 - 801020Up to 400WRS232√ (Single-end)-
DCS810DCS---18 - 801020Up to 400WRS232√ (Differential)-