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Miscellaneous Accessories



  • Reliable quality
  • Easy to connect
  • Various cable lengths

Leadshine offers miscellaneous industrial quality accessories such as communication cables, USB to RS232 converters, connectors, etc, which has been tested and confirmed working fine with Leadshine products.

Available Products

Part Number Description
Cable-PC1.2-meter (3.9-foot) RS232 cable for tuning Leadshine digital drives.
1.4.4-0409505-B31.2-meter (3.9-foot) RS232 cable for tuning microsize digital drives with ProTuner.
1.4.4-0905517-E311.5-meter (4.9-foot) RS232 cable for tuning iES-23 and iST-23 with ProTuner.
1.4.4-0905505-8311.5-meter (4.9-foot) RS232 cable for tuning iES-17 and iST-17 with ProTuner.
USBToRS2321.8-meter (6-foot) USB to RS232 DB9 cable. Fully tested to work with Leadshine digital drives.
1.4.0-4422200-1744-pin control signal connector for the ES-DH and EL5-D series drives.