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ES-D Series - Easy Servo Drives Max 100 DC or 80 VAC Input


  • Servo control for stepper motors with encoders up to NEMA 34
  • Step & direction controls
  • Max 100 VDC or 80 VAC  operating voltage
  • Load based output current up to 8.2A
  • No Loss of steps
  • No torque reservation
  • No hunting and no overshooting
  • No / little tuning for plug-and-play

Leadshine ES-D series easy servo drives are models which take 20-100 VDC or 80VAC voltage input (model dependent) in the easy servo product line. At competitive costs, they are simple and easy to implement and perform servo controls on easy servo motors (stepper motors with encoders).

When implemented in conjunction with Leadshine ES-M Series easy servo motors of NEMA 23 and 34, they combine features from both and open loop stepper and brushless servo systems. When compared with stepper systems, they can close the position loop to eliminate "Loss of Steps", output higher torque, have much quick response & acceleration, be implemented in much broad application ranges. When compared with brushless servo systems, they have much higher starting and low-speed torque, high standstill stiffness, no hunting, no overshooting, almost zero settling time, and no tuning for almost for all applications. For information about what is easy servo, please read more detail on the Easy Servo Products page. You can also click here to get more information about Leadshine easy servo drives.

Leadshine ES-D series hybrid servo drives take step & direction control commands to be easily implemented in many OEM applications in industries such as CNC machineries, electronics, semiconductor, medical, labor automation, packaging...

Available Products in ES-D Series
Model Control Type Series Phase Supply Voltage

Output Current


Encoder Revolution
Stepper Motors
ES-D508Step & Direation / CW & CCWES-D320 - 50 VDC0.5 - 81000NEMA 17, 23
ES-D808Step & Direation / CW & CCWES-D220-80 VDC0.5 - 81000NEMA 23, 24, 34
ES-D1008Step & Direation / CW & CCWES-D230 - 100 VDC / 20 -70 VAC0.5 - 81000NEMA 23, 24, 34