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ELP Series - Advanced AC Servo Drives


  • Easy tuning, flexible to control
  • Automatic identification for motor type
  • RS485/Modbus/EtherCAT
  • Notch filter, Damping filter
  • Dynamic brake
  • 17-Bit/23-Bit absolute encoder
  • Internal resistor

ELP series AC servo products are high performance AC digital servo which is designed for position/velocity/torque high accurate control,power range up to 2kW and it can provide intelligent performance with easy tuning process.

Combined with abundant features like MFC,vibration suppression,Multi-mode filter function,etc.It provides machines a compact size,low tuning works.With high resolution up to 23-Bit,which can be used for high accuracy applications.

The ELP offers control types of options of step & direction, Modbus/RS485, EtherCAT, and PR (position table) built-in indexers

Available Products in ELP Series
Model Series
Control Type(s) Input Voltage
Rated Current
Peak Current
Rated Power
ELP-D400ZELPPulse & Direction CW/CCW1 phase 187-240VAC3.510.5400RS232
ELP-RS400ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control1 phase 187-240VAC3.510.5400RS232/RS485
ELP-EC400SELPEtherCAT1 phase 187-240VAC3.510.5400EtherCAT
ELP-D750ZELPPulse & Direction CW/CCW1 phase 187-240VAC5.516.5750RS232
ELP-RS750ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control1 phase 187-240VAC5.516.5750RS232/RS485
ELP-EC750SELPEtherCAT1 phase 187-240VAC5.516.5750EtherCAT
ELP-D1000ZELPPulse & Direction CW/CCW1 phase 187-240VAC7211000RS232
ELP-RS1000ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control1 phase 187-240VAC7211000RS232/RS485
ELP-EC1000SELPEtherCAT1 phase 187-240VAC7211000EtherCAT
ELP-RS1500ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control3 phase 187-240VAC9.528.51500RS232/RS485
ELP-EC1500ZELPEtherCAT3 phase 187-240VAC9.528.51500EtherCAT
ELP-EC2000ZELPEtherCAT3 phase 187-240VAC12362000EtherCAT
ELP-RS2000ZELPPulse & Direction CW / CCW ModBus / RS485 I/O Control3 phase 187-240VAC12362000RS232/RS485